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JUNE 28th / 2016

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JUNE 18th / 2016

Ten Rules For A Winning Draft

JUNE 17th / 2016

Spotlight - Crabtree

JUNE 15th / 2016

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JUNE 14th / 2016

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JUNE 13th / 2016

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JUNE 12th / 2016

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Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

JUNE 9th / 2016

Cheat Sheet PPR: 1qb,2rb,3wr,1te

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Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

JUNE 8th / 2016

Players to Avoid, Part 1 - RB

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JUNE 5th / 2016

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MAY 29th / 2016

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What Changed?

Washington Redskins

Veterans Signed:

S David Bruton Jr. (Denver)
TE Vernon Davis (Denver)
LB Terence Garvin (Pittsburgh)
DE Kendall Reyes (San Diego)

Veterans Lost:

QB Robert Griffin (Cleveland)
DT Terrance Knighton (New England)
RB Alfred Morris (Dallas)
DE Frank Kearse (New England Patriots)
LB Keenan Robinson (NY Giants)

Draft Picks:

WR Josh Doctson (TCU)
S Su'a Cravens (USC)
CB Kendall Fuller (Virginia Tech)
DT Matt Ioannidis (Temple)
QB Nate Sudfeld (Indiana)
ILB Steven Daniels (Boston College)
RB Keith Marshall (Georgia)

My Thoughts:

I dislike what the Redskins did in free agency this year. I don't see any player brought in as a veteran free agent who is more than a depth player right now while the team lost a good interior defensive lineman in Terrance Knighton to the Patriots, a dependable linebacker in Keenan Robinson to the Giants and a good depth running back capable of 20 carries a game in Alfred Morris.

The draft on the other hand did add several players capable of contributing right away which saved their offseason. I love Josh Doctson and he reminds me a lot of Anquan Boldin. Competitive, tough, good hands and gets after the ball. He will be a good one. Su'a Cravens is a battler at safety who can cover receivers as well. He should step in as the starting strong safety. I had Kendall Fuller graded higher than he went as injury caused his plummet somewhat. He is fast twich and I think he will be CB3 before too long in Washington. Matt Ioannidis is a physical powerful interior lineman who will be in the rotation. I really like Steven Daniels, inside linebacker from Boston College who is a physical run stopping throwback linebacker. The Redskins stole him in my opinion but he will spend at least one year learning his craft as a backup in all likelihood. Keith Marshall may surprise at the next level and make teams regret letting him sit there until round seven. The fastest running back in the draft with a 4.31 forty he also has great size at 219 pounds and was highly thought of until injuries derailed his college career with Georgia. He can move up to RB2 right away with a good camp.

The draft helped the Redskins offseason not be a total train wreck as several of these players have the chance to be exceptional.