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JUNE 28th / 2016

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JUNE 18th / 2016

Ten Rules For A Winning Draft

JUNE 17th / 2016

Spotlight - Crabtree

JUNE 15th / 2016

Ravens Team Page (OL)

JUNE 14th / 2016

OL Rank Bottom 12

OL Rank 16 thru 20

OL Rank 11 thru 15

OL Rank 1 thru 10

JUNE 13th / 2016

FF Projections

FF Rankings Page

Spotlight - Freeman

Spotlight - Johnson

JUNE 12th / 2016

Cheat Sheet PPR: 1qb,2rb,2wr,1te

Cheat Sheet Non-PPR: 1qb, 2rb, 2wr,1te

Cheat Sheet PPR: 2qb,2rb,3wr,1te

Cheat Sheet Non-PPR: 2qb, 2rb, 3wr,1te

Cheat Sheet PPR: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 FLEX (RB,TE,WR)

Cheat Sheet Non-PPR: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 FLEX (RB,TE,WR)

Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

JUNE 9th / 2016

Cheat Sheet PPR: 1qb,2rb,3wr,1te

Cheat Sheet Non-PPR: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr,1te

Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

JUNE 8th / 2016

Players to Avoid, Part 1 - RB

Team Pages updated (OL added)

Rankings updated

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JUNE 5th / 2016

Team Pages updated (Offensive Line added)

JUNE 2nd / 2016

OL Rank Bottom 12

OL Rank 16 thru 20

OL Rank 11 thru 15

MAY 31st / 2016

OL Rank 1 thru 10

MAY 30th / 2016

Bargain Bin - RB

Bargain Bin - QB

MAY 29th / 2016

Updated Team Pages
Updated FF Rankings
Updated Projections

MAY 28th / 2016

In Focus NFC West
In Focus NFC North
In Focus NFC South
In Focus NFC East

MAY 27th / 2016

In Focus AFC North
In Focus AFC East

MAY 26th / 2016

Tidbits QB
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MAY 25th / 2016

In Focus AFC South
Updated Rankings

MAY 24th / 2016

In Focus AFC West
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MAY 23rd / 2016

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MAY 22nd / 2016

Team Pages O-R

MAY 21st / 2016

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MAY 20th / 2016

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MAY 19th / 2016

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MAY 18th / 2016

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MAY 15th / 2016

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MAY 14th / 2016

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MAY 13th / 2016

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MAY 7th / 2016

Spotlight Freeman

MAY 6th / 2016

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APRIL 30th / 2016

NFL Draft Round 5
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APRIL 29th / 2016

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APRIL 28th / 2016

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APRIL 24th / 2016

My NFL Draft Top 15

PF Daily: Fantasy Football Tutorial Series: Intermediate

Pre Draft Prepping

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So your draft is coming up, the excitement is building, the cold beers are in the fridge waiting for the post draft celebration and you have been talking excellent smack with your league mates in regards to how you will take them behind the shed during the draft. What's next? This article will take a lot of the final steps you should take to ensure a confident and successful fantasy football draft.

One of the important keys to a successful draft is simply preparedness. In the week leading up to your draft, come to Pro Football Daily as well as other football sites you trust and love and spend time reading the news on all the teams. Make sure you know that player X is out for the year and player y is expected back. Make sure you are up to date on those training camp battles and stories out there on the Internet. Pro Football Daily Fantasy Football content will help you to stay on top of important news by filtering out all the fluff in our news section. News should be for news, not columnist speculation and rumors. You have our website for speculation and I won't be confusing you by posting the multitudes of speculation that runs rampant from July to the start of the football season. I will post only the news you need to know to be successful.

So in putting together a check list for your upcoming draft:

1. Be on top of the important football news

2. Double check the most current depth charts

3. Read though the team pages on our website

4. Read the articles on site and make notes on important facts or news stories

5. Join some Mock Drafts to hone your skills and improve your knowledge as to when players are being selected. Notes during the mock drafts can prove invaluable.

6. Make sure to have our cheat sheet printed out on draft day

7. Highlight players in the cheat sheet that you really like if someone is lower than you like

8. Drink lots of water

9. Avoid drinking copious amounts of alcohol until AFTER your draft. One milked through your draft is fine

For Mock Drafts, I like joining drafts as well as do my own mock draft where I select for all 12 teams. Both together give a strong idea of where players are likely to go within the draft. It is a good training practice before a draft to draft for every team in your draft. It is even more effective if you have a good idea based on past history. You can really put together a good gameplan with practice mocks.

Now that we have said PREPARE, PREPARE and PREPARE, I am going to throw out a comment that makes little sense but give me time to explain. That comment is:

"Do not over-prepare for your draft!"

Yes I know I said prepared is key and it is but do not over prepared to the point where your brain and strategy is rigid throughout the draft. It is good to have an idea in your head where the draft will go but it is bad idea to be so prepared that you are unable to move off your pre-draft thoughts when value falls. You may think absolutely I will be going receiver round one and two after countless mock drafts. Then you get to your real draft and receivers are gobbled up early, leaving LeSean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch there to be scooped up. Be prepared, be ready but be flexible and willing to adjust your pre-draft strategies. That is one of the biggest keys to a fantasy draft, flexible thinking and adjusting your strategy as you go. A combination of preparation and flexibility will lead to a successful fantasy football draft.