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Pro Football Dailyh: Fantasy Football Tutorial Series: Beginner

Various Scoring Rules

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There are almost limitless scoring options one can have in fantasy football so I will just touch on a few types of differences and how they impact the game. The difference between drafting a winning roster and picking the right starting lineups often comes down to having a very strong understanding of your league rules and a huge part of that is scoring scenarios. Know your rules well from starting lineup to scoring rules and you will be ready to draft a strong team


Player example:

QB Tom Brady, New England
4750 passing yards, 34 touchdowns, 60 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD

QB Russell Wilson, Seattle
3300 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, 650 rushing yards and 8 rushing TD

LEAGUE 1: Scoring rules: 1 pt every 25 passing yards, 4 points per touchdown pass, 1 pt every 10 yards rushing, 6 pts per rushing td

LEAGUE 2: Scoring Rules: 1 pt every 10 passing yards, 6 pts per touchdown pass, 1 pt every 10 yards rushing, 6 pts per rushing td


Tom Brady: 338 fantasy points
Russell Wilson: 341 fantasy points


Tom Brady: 691 fantasy points
Russell Wilson: 587 fantasy points

In League 1, Russell Wilson is slightly ahead of Tom Brady in total fantasy points. In league two, Brady's value is significantly higher than Wilson. With every scoring change comes a possible change in the rankings.

I.E. # 2:

WR DeSean Jackson: 56 receptions for 1169 yards and 6 touchdowns

WR Julian Edelman: 93 receptoins for 972 yards and 4 touchdowns

LEAGUE 1: Receptions worth zero, 1 pt every 10 receiving yards and 6 pts per touchdown

LEAGUE 2: Receptions worth 1 pt per, 1 pt every 10 receiving yards and 6 pts per td


DeSean Jackson: 152.9 fantasy points
Julian Edelman: 121.2 fantasy points


DeSean Jackson: 208.9 fantasy points
Julian Edelman: 214.2 fantasy points

This this example, Jackson is a much better option at receiver with a 31.7 point lead in league one where receptions are not counted. In league two where receptions earn 1 pt per reception, Edelman jumped ahead of him by 6 points.

TD-Only Scoring

This is as basic as it comes in fantasy football. Only touchdowns matter.


Running back A runs for 2650 yards on the season, catches 150 passes and scores 4 touchdowns

Running back B runs for 200 yards on the season, catching 5 passes and scored 7 touchdowns

Running back B is the better running back in this league.


There are many varieties of scoring rules out there in fantasy leagues. Some our reletively mainstream while other leagues have some bizaare rules. Know those rules inside and out before you set up your draft cheatsheet and you will be on the way to a successful fantasy season.

Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have. Ed Bradley