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JUNE 18th / 2016

Ten Rules For A Winning Draft

JUNE 17th / 2016

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Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

JUNE 9th / 2016

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Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

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Ten Rules to a Winning Fantasy Draft in 2016
Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE with PPR scoring

written by Chris Smith, Owner Pro Football Daily

All fantasy drafts are fluid and it is impossible to write everything in stone prior to it. You may assume a player or position is going to be available but something happens and you are taken by surprise. You also may think you know the draft tendencies of your league mates but they throw you a curveball and all your pre-draft prep about those tendencies go out the door. However, each year I see some rules that when followed will help you put together the best possible team. A winning team. The draft is only one of multiple parts to being a fantasy champion along with the waiver wire, trades and starting lineup decisions but it is the first step towards the goal and therefore it is important to be ready. OK, lets take a look at those ten rules to crush your draft in 2016 based on the following rules.

Rule # 1: Avoid taking a quarterback before round six unless exceptional value falls to you.

This rule is true on most fantasy seasons as of late but especially true now with so many quarterbacks bunched together in terms of fantasy production. Sure it would be great to have a Cam Newton or Russell Wilson on your team but there are quarterbacks ranked 8th through 15th that could elevate up to an elite fantasy level and you can secure their services rounds later.

Rule # 2: If you do draft a quarterback early, ignore the position until much later.

The rule I follow in regards to my first two quarterbacks picked is 'Total 14', which means the rounds you take your first two quarterbacks should add up to 14. If you are drafting in round two and absolutely must select Cam Newton, you should ignore the quarterback position after that until round twelve. Because you are losing strength at running back, receiver and tight end by picking up that early quarterback, it is imperative that you wait on depth at the position. If you take a quarterback in round six then is makes sense to secure a backup in round eight/nine.

Rule #3: Getting your starters at running back, receiver and tight end more important than securing depth at any one position.

In the old days, it was common to load up on the running back position early, securing depth while holding off on the other positions. Nowadays we are in the age of the receivers and it makes sense to secure your starters at running back, receivers and tight end unless there is value on the board that you cannot ignore. In my dream draft I will have 2 running backs, 3 wide receivers and my starting tight end through the first six rounds, securing strong weekly points from those six starters.

Rule #4: RB - Total 7

Much like the quarterback position above, I like to put a total round to my starters at running back. If I pick up a running back in round one, I really like to make sure I get my second running back no later than the sixth round if at all possible. Now obviously every draft is different and if there is talent on the board you cannot pass up, that total will drop to eight but the 'Total 7' rule here is a good target to shoot for. If you wait until round 3 to pickup your first back then the next round would be the best place to secure your second starter due to a possible weakness in your RB1.

Rule #5: WR - Total 10

The receiver position is so important today compared to fantasy football ten years ago. The best fantasy players in my opinion mostly come from the receiver slot nowadays and it is critical that you secure three of those star receivers to start each week. In my draft I am shooting for a total of 10 when it comes to rounds. So if you take a receiver in round one and round four, you should also target one in the fifth round unless there is nothing on the board worth picking there. If you take one in round two and round four, then I would definitely target a receiver in the fifth round otherwise you fall significantly behind the 10 goal. Now if you are in rounds three and four and Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski are still on the board, obviously this goal will have to be adjusted but going into my fantasy drafts my total targets of QB-14, RB-7 and WR-10 is the plan.

Rule #6: Don't concerned yourself with loading up on a Bye week

If you are in a survivor league then ignore this advice but in any other league, worrying about 'byes' is a waste of time in any position but quarterback. Secure the best talent possible for your squad and if you go into the season really weak for a game or two throughout your thirteen game schedule, that just means you have more strength in the other eleven weeks. For head to head results, the goal is to win at least 9 of the 13 games in my opinion to reach the playoffs of your league so blowing off a week or two is not critical. Talent and opportunity is.

Rule #7: Don't over-analyze your opponents during the draft:

It is not a bad thing to take a quick look at your opponents rosters but really you are just putting more on your plate during the draft which can take away from your enjoyment of it and really frustrate you when you do so and they go a different path anyways which happens a lot. Just focus on your team, your strengths and what you need to do going forward and you will be fine. A quick glance can help to decide between two positions and the quantity of players left but overthinking of it will drive you crazy. For example if it is round seven and 9 of the 12 teams already have their quarterback, you can likely wait on the position one more round but that is the limit you should concern yourself with their rosters until after the draft.

Rule #8: Get your starters at the four main positions finished early

I really believe in securing your starters as much as possible before working on your depth players. My plans for this starting lineup requirement would see me with a starting quarterback, two running backs, three receivers and a starting tight end by the end of round seven. That way you have no fears of missing out on a capable starter and you can work on securing the best talent available in the middle rounds. I will hold off on a quarterback until round eight if I see the chance to as well as holding off on a tight end if I don't see value with my picks. Those would allow me to secure a depth player or two at running back and receiver but if there is value at quarterback and tight end I am getting my starting lineup locked in.

Rule #9: Only handcuff when it is obvious who the backup is and they are capable of starting in fantasy football

This is a big one. Often in fantasy football I will see an owner handcuff a backup to a player way earlier than they should who has nowhere near the talent and ability as the starter. Don't fall into that trap. If you are going to handcuff, the player has to have the ability to step in and fill your starters shoes or has to have value where you pick them. In a nutshell, don't reach for a handcuff player. If that player falls into your lap with value, then it is a wise move.

Rule #10: Take a kicker only in the final two rounds

There are experts out there on kickers and their value in fantasy football and I simply say 'Don't waste your time!'. Seriously, kickers are a dime a dozen and you can without question land a good one near the bottom of your draft. If you have owners targeting a kicker in the mid rounds, lean back, get a good bellow laugh, trash talk a little and continue securing your running back and receiver depth which is huge.

To summarize, perhaps these rules should be called guidelines but if you are able to follow these ten simple rules and have fantasy rankings that make sense, you will exit your draft with a strong roster and ready to compete through the season. Playing the free agent wire, perhaps making a trade or two and making the right decisions in regards to who to start will play a role but a good draft will get you on the right path.

Good luck and happy drafting. Any comments or questions, feel free to contact me

Contact Chris Smith here