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JUNE 9th / 2016

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Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

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My NFL Draft Top 15

2016 NFL Draft Third Round Picks

3.01 - Tennessee Titans: S Kevin Byard, Middle Tennessee State

Byard has good size and speed and interecepted a lot of passes playing safety like a centerfield in baseball. He has mediocre coverage ability though and is a poor tackler. I don't see him as any more than a backup safety at the next level and had him as a 7th round pick.

3.02 - Cleveland Browns: DE Carl Nassib, Penn State

Nassib is an amazing story. this 6'7 former walk on has a motor that never quits. He emerged out of nowhere last year to lead all of college football in sacks with 15.5 and he loves to get after the quarterback. He is poor against the run but his amazing work ethic and motor makes him an interesting prospect. I would not rule against him one day starting and thriving at the next level.

3.03 - San Diego Chargers: C Max Tuerk, USC

Tuerk has excellent athleticism and quickness and plays with tenacity. He has trouble keeping weight on but I will take an athletic, quick lineman on my team anyday. Good pick.

3.04 - Dallas Cowboys: DT Maliek Collins, Nebraska

Collins is an enigma to me. He has all the tools to dominate his competition but he rarely saw production match potential. He is big, strong and agile and could be a surprise in the NFL if he works hard and improves his techniques. Interesting pick.

3.05 - San Francisco 49ers: CB Will Redmond, Miss St

Redmond has the man coverage instincts and athleticism to stick at the next level but he is returning from an ACL tear and his marginal tackling ability is a hindrance at the next level. He has the tools to help in the secondary but I am not sure he is a starting corner.

3.06 - Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Yannick Ngakoue, Maryland

Ngakoue is a terrible run stopping defensive end and the Jaguars will have to hide him / use him in the right situations. He does have some abilities as an edge rusher but he lacks the size to make him a special one. He will be a situational player with the Jaguars, helping to get to opposing quarterbacks but he is not a special talent.

3.07 - Baltimore Ravens: DE Bronson Kaufusi, BYU

His height and athleticism are interesting but he must get stronger at the point of attack to succeed at the next level. He has the ability to move all over the defensive line and at 6'6 and 285 pounds, he has the size to stick around the NFL.

3.08 - New York Giants: S Darian Thompson, Boise State

I am not a huge fan of Thompson. He battles hard but his coverage skills are mediocre and I want better tackling out of a safety. He must improve both at the next level to have an impact. Great size at 6'2 and 208 pounds though.

3.09 - Chicago Bears: DT Jonathan Bullard, Florida

I was surprised to see him last until the 3rd round. He definitely needs to get stronger and bigger at the next level but he is a quick, disruptive player that tackles well. The Bears stole themselves a starter in the 3rd round. Great pick.

3.10 - Miami Dolphins: RB Kenyan Drake, Alabama

Drake his limited football instincts and he plays at almost too high of a pace, not allowing blocks to set up but his passion, speed, quickness and intensity are obvious to all. Somewhat hidden behind Derrick Henry at Alabama he will without question add value to a position in need of talent in Miami. I love this pick. He has the same passion for football as Jarvis Landry and when you get enough of those guys on a team, good things start to happen.

3.11 - Kansas City Chiefs: CB KeiVarae Russell, Notre Dame

Russell is athletic and has the ability to play press coverage at the next level which is valuable. He is a gamer although he does not make as many plays on the ball as you like to see. He will contribute as a 3rd/4th option to begin his career but could eventually work his way up to a starting position.

3.12 - Oakland Raiders: DE Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State

Calhoun is a three time All-American in college and has nice size and athleticism. He must become more tenacious and play with more edge to thrive in the NFL but his instincts for the position and talent are undeniable. I believe the Raiders stole a player here who will contribute as a starter on their team. Great pick as the Raiders defense continues to load up. Raiders / Chiefs / Broncos are going to have some insane defensive battles this season

3.13 - Cleveland Browns: OT Shon Coleman, Auburn

A cancer survivor, Coleman has excellent length and size. He plays with a physicality that the Cleveland Browns will love and loves to bang on opposing defenders. His weakness is below average foot skills and if he can improve on that at the next level, I believe he has All-Pro potential but that is a big 'IF' at this time. He should contribute in any case but the upside is there with hard work.

3.14 - Carolina Panthers: CB Daryl Worley, West Virginia

I really like Worley despite his subpar speed and quickness combination. His football instincts and tenacity make up for his marginal athleticism and I think he will definitely find a role for the Panthers.

3.15 - New England Patriots: OG Joe Thuney, NC State

I don't see anything here as really special but he has all the tools to be a decent offensive lineman in the NFL. I kind of see him as an ace backup who can step in anywhere along the offensive line and do a solid job but not really being good enough to start every game at a particular position. You need guys like him for depth.

3.16 - Philadelphia Eagles: OG Isaac Seumalo, Oregon State

Seumalo has good feet and excellent technique to go along with solid core strength. I see him as a nice starting option at the guard / center positions. An extra 10-15 pounds of mass may do him well at the next level. Good pick.

3.17 - Buffalo Bills: DT Adolphus Washington, Ohio State

Washington has the type of athleticism that teams covet. He is agile, quick off the ball and can get into a gap quickly. He needs to improve his core strength as he is too often taken back / down once blockers get into him but he has a chance to emerge as a starter with the Bills. He is an intriguing talent.

3.18 - Atlanta Falcons: TE Austin Hooper, Stanford

I don't see Hooper as an elite pass receiving tight end but I think he has real potential to emerge as a complete tight end which is more important in many ways. He has decent speed and a nice burst but needs to work on exploding out of his breaks to separate from defenders. I believe he is a future starting tight end.

3.19 - Indianapolis Colts: OT Le'Raven Clark, Texas Tech

I have no idea why Clark lasted until the third round. I had him pegged for a late 1st-round pick. He has prototypical size, power and quickness and is capable of starting at left tackle in the NFL. He could add more strength and improve his feet movement but the Colts stole this guy so late in the draft. Excellent pick.

3.20 - New York Jets: OLB Jordan Jenkins, Georgia

I really like Jordan Jenkins. In fact I like him on many levels more than 1st round pick Leonard Floyd despite his limited athleticism. Jenkins has the type of football instincts you cannot teach and he is a really solid tackler. I had him as an early 2nd-round pick / immediate defensive starter and I believe the Jets stole themselves a legitimate player here. Great pick.

3.21 - Washington Redskins: CB Kendall Fuller, Virginia Tech

Kendall Fuller is one of many Fuller kids to make the NFL and many have said Kendall has the most upside of all of them. He has great instincts and has the belief in himself that he will go out and make big plays. He has limited size and speed but he has been able to overcome that with his football IQ. His biggest concern is his tendency to gamble and lose at times, resulting in big plays but give me a player with intelligence, instinct and belief in himself and he has all three of those traits. Good pick.

3.22 - Houston Texans: WR Braxton Miller, Ohio State

Former Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller was drafted on potential and athleticism as he has a lot to learn about the receiver craft. But the blend of size, quickness and rare ability once the ball is in his hands make him a possible star if he reacts well to good coaching. He may take a year or two and has major boom / bust potential but certainly worth a third round pick.

3.23 - Miami Dolphins: WR Leonte Carroo, Rutgers

I was baffled by the Miami Dolphins trading up and giving up two picks to target a receiver with both Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker already on roster. That said, I do like what Leonte Carroo brings to the table and I personally had him graded as a 2nd round talent. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Jarvis Landry once the ball is in his hands as he runs angry and will not go down easy. One thing is for sure. Landry, Parker and Carroo is an outstanding young stable of receivers in Miami and QB Ryan Tannahill has no excuses for not elevating his play. Good pick but gave up too much to get him when not a true need.

3.24 - Cincinnati Bengals: ILB Nick Vigil, Utah State

Nick Vigil is a throw back football player. Tough, good instincts and plays the game with passion. He does not have great strength or athleticism but football IQ more than makes up for it. He will certainly play a role on defense with the Bengals although that may be coming off the bench to begin his career. Like the kid a lot.

3.25 - Green Bay Packers: OLB Kyler Fackrell, Utah State

Back to back Utah State picks? The new U of college football? Maybe not but I'm telling you, both Vigil and Kyler Fackrell can ball with the best of them. Fackrell has all the attributes of an elite edge rusher and he has been very productive in college. He tore up his knee as a junior but returned last season to once again disrupt offenses. He is a good starter with elite potential and should not have lasted until the 25th pick in round three. He is better than that and will showcase that in the NFL.

3.26 - Pittsburgh Steelers: DT Javon Hargrave, South Carolina State

Hargrave dominated his level of competition at South Carolina State but I am concerned that his lack of a move set and various techniques as well as questionable football instincts may haunt him as he moves up against better talent. I love his motor and ability to get after the quarterback from the interior. In some ways he reminds me of a young Warren Sapp but he doesn't have all the tools that Sapp had. A player worth keeping an eye on and if he takes well to good coaching, watch out offensive linemen.

3.27 - Seattle Seahawks: RB C.J. Prosise, Notre Dame

Good size and runs the ball hard. He emerged last year as a legitimate rushing option for Notre Dame after minimal work in previous years. He has patience, power and displays good vision when cutting back. He had legitimate fumbling concerns with 5 last season and he is a terrible pass blocker at this time. Both of those must be improved for him to get on the field consistently but the ability to run the ball is certainly there. An interesting player with 1000-yard potential

3.29 - New England Patriots: QB Jacoby Brissett, N.C. State

I gotta admit I like this kid a lot and I am terrified that the New England Patriots have found their next draft day Tom Brady steal. Sure he has to work on some things for the next level but his size, awareness, arm strength and confidence are all there and he will get to watch the best in the game in Tom Brady prepare and perform on the field. I have a feeling it will be Brissett emerge as the future in New England and I would not be surprised to see him emerged as the best passer in the draft. Good pick.

3.30 - Arizona Cardinals: CB Brandon Williams, Texas AM

The good news is that Brandon Williams is a legitimate athlete and was highly recruited as a running back coming out of high school. He only moved to cornerback last season and he really struggled against good competition. Now his natural abilities make it possible for him to learn and improve and eventually help out a team at the NFL level but I am not seeing it today. He will have to work a ton on his coverage deficiencies to play in the NFL. I had him as a 6th round pick at best.

3.31 - Cleveland Browns: QB Cody Kessler, USC

Just two picks above with Brissett I saw potential greatness. With Cody Kessler I just don't see it. He is intelligent and accurate enough but the physical tools just are not there to be a consistent NFL starter. I do believe he will have a long enough career as a 2nd / 3rd string guy but the overall talent just isn't there to thrive at the next level. He was a good collegiate quarterback not a great one and he will be a serviceable backup NFL quarterback.

3.32 - Seattle Seahawks: TE Nick Vannett, Ohio State

Vannett will likely never be more than a serviceable blocker but this kid is a much better receiver than most realize. He has great size, hands and is fluid in and out of breaks. The tight end position is not used a ton in Ohio State but he certainly has NFL potential.

3.33 Detroit Lions: C Graham Glasgow, Michigan

Glasgow is a tough, hard nose interior lineman with experience at both guards and center. He is strong and powerful and that helps to overcome his marginal athleticism. He has struggled with alcohol but seems to have that under control at this time. He has starting potential for the Lions.

3.34 New England Patriots: DT Vincent Valentine, Nebraska

I am not really a fan of Valentine's pro future unless he becomes a better worker in a hurry. He is a big body but has marginal athleticism and is out of shape. I find him lazy at times on the field and at the next level, that will result in him out of work in a hurry. If he improves his effort level and conditioning, he will work his way into a rotation as an interior linemen due to his impressive power. Smaller centers will struggle with him.

3.35 Seattle Seahawks: OG Rees Odhiambo, Boise State

Odhiambo is a tough, hard nosed lineman with good size and amazing work ethic. He is the type of person that can elevate due to his care and effort levels. He broke his ankle this past season and has had durability issues throughout but he has the ability to start and thrive at guard for the Seahawks down the road. Nice pick.

3.36 Denver Broncos: FS Justin Simmons, Boston College

Simmons has the ability to earn playing time with the Broncos. He has good height, decent quickness and pretty good football instincts. He is not a ferocious tackler but rarely misses a tackle once he has the wrap on. He will compete for playing time in Denver and has the potential to eventually be a starter in the NFL.